Collaboration Model

“SFJ remained committed to closing our deal, and worked within our company timeline for funding.  SFJ demonstrated quick turn-around time during our contracting process, providing flexibility and creativity to meet our needs.  The diligence process was timely, with demonstrated clinical expertise.”

— Mark Delong, SVP

Business Development and Strategy, Apellis Pharmaceuticals

SFJ provides the expertise, resources, operational implementation and at-risk funding to accelerate the late-stage clinical development of our Partners’ key pipeline assets.

SFJ- Pharmaceuticals Collaboration-Models
  • SFJ assumes 100% of the development & approval risk
  • SFJ can execute studies at a global, regional, or country level, including China and Japan
  • SFJ recognizes that each of our Pharma Partners has distinct needs and requirements. We listen to our Pharma Partners to thoroughly understand their specific operational challenges and then jointly construct a tailored co-development partnership
  • We facilitate our partners’ focus on high-priority existing projects
  • Our goal is to accelerate high-potential and time-sensitive projects that may otherwise be deferred due to resource limitations
  • SFJ funding and resources also enable simultaneous major market development
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Roles and Responsibilities

Typical Approach

SFJ-Pharmaceuticals typical approach

An Alternative Approach

SFJ- Pharmaceuticals alternative approach