Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently co-develop innovative drugs for the world’s major markets by providing seasoned professionals, clinical trial resources, at-risk funding and expertise.


We accelerate our Partners’ pipelines to provide life-changing treatments to patients and providers worldwide.

SFJ- Pharmaceuticals Value-Equation
SFJ Late-stage Partnerships: Maximize Retained NPV
  • Fills operational and funding gaps
  • Provides bridge to increased ex-U.S. value
  • Assumes 100% of clinical development risk
  • Augments expertise
  • Accelerates follow-on indications
  • Tailors payback to financial objectives

Via Co-Development Partnerships, SFJ Seeks To:

SFJ- Pharmaceuticals value-add
  • Maximize the Value of Partner’s Assets
  • Increase Partner’s Shareholder Value
  • Increase Number of Partner’s Opportunities
  • Reduce Partner’s Portfolio Risk
  • Increase Partner’s Operational Capacity
  • Accelerate Partner’s Clinical Development Timelines
  • Expand Partner’s Geographical Reach
  • Provide Non-Dilutive Late-Stage Development Funding
  • Optimize Partner’s Financial Reporting